Orchestra is a complete solution to handle long-running, service oriented processes. It provides out of the box orchestration functionalities to handle complex business processes. It is based on the OASIS standard BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). Orchestra’s objectives:
  • Improvement and control of processes
  • Services interaction
  • Productivity and agility of the company
Orchestra is fully Open Source and is downloadable under the LGPL License.

Key features of Orchestra v.4

  • Generic engine : The Process Virtual Machine
  • BPEL 2.0 standard
  • Web based Console
  • Graphical BPMN 2.0 designer
  • Integration with the Camel ESB
  • JSE vs JEE deployment
  • JMX based administration APIs
  • BI and BAM capabilities
  • Professional support

Orchestra 4.9.0 has been released !

Orchestra v.4 has an innovative architecture:

  • Generic engine : The Process Virtual Machine
  • BPEL 2.0 support
  • Web process console
  • Graphical BPMN designer
  • WS-HumanTask and BPEL4People support
This new architecture allows Orchestra to be more efficient, more adaptable on functional needs, and more dynamic!

Download Orchestra 4.9.0 now !

Orchestra benefits

  • Only fully open source BPEL solution of the market (all included engine, administration console, designer and monitoring tool)
  • Orchestra is more efficient: adaptation to the customer’s context, versioning management, restart capabilities, JMX based Administration API…
  • The graphical environment of Orchestra is fully Web 2.0 based
  • Non intrusive integration :
    • Lightweight version: deployable on Tomcat
    • Entreprise version: deployable on any Java EE server (JOnAS, JBoss, Weblogic…)
    • “Sur mesure” version: adapted to any particular customer’s environment
  • On the road to SOA: a BPEL solution in a SOA platform is the master piece to handle services interaction in a complex and heterogeneous environment. Orchestra is a stable and robust solution for your SOA infrastructure.